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Yarraville Village Family Medical Centre
Cancellation Policy

This Clinic runs by appointments only

Due to the increasingly high demand for appointments and constant unavailability, it has become necessary to implement a cancellation policy as follows.

Cancellations are required to be made by 1pm the day prior to your appointment.

All cancellations after 1pm must be done so immediately, with a minimum of 2 hours notice.

Failure to attend the first time, patients will receive a letter outlining our cancellation policy.

Failure to attend a second appointment, without notice, will incur a cancellation fee of $20.  Payment will be required before any further appointments are made.

A third failure to attend without notice, will result in no further appointments to be made at this practice.  On receipt of a signed consent form, we will be happy to release a copy of your medical records to a new GP.


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